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These Terms and Conditions applies to all participants of Survey Panel Platform website, the app and/or the Survey Panel Platform surveys app.

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Our Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our survey scripting services are provided through third parties from their proprietary applications and such third parties shall be collectively responsible for all the liabilities with respect to the functioning of the meter mentioned under these terms and conditions. These Terms & Conditions applies to all participants of website, the app and/or the TPS surveys app. We specialize in providing consumer insights via online panel services in emerging & hard-to-reach markets across the world. We value your data security, privacy and confidentiality.

About Application

Any and all individuals dealing with , is subject to the following Terms and Conditions herein after also referred as general user conditions. By participating in you undertake to abide and agree to be bound by the privacy policy of the company and these general user conditions set , which it shall be free to modify at any time without informing you of such changes. Consequently, it is recommended that you refer to the latest version of the Terms & Conditions regularly, which are available on the site at all times. Without exception, when joining this Service by clicking on the tick box at registration, you agree to accept these general conditions beforehand, the purpose of which is to define the terms under which you benefit from the Service.


By downloading ‘Survey Panel Platform’, and on your further agreement for sharing the data for research purpose a metering software gets downloaded and you accept the terms and conditions stated in a legally binding manner.

Use of this Website and the Contract Between Us

In this Agreement the terms “you” and “the member” mean the individual completing the registration process to become a member of program. You agree to only use this website and the App along with the meter, in accordance with this Agreement and all applicable laws. Once you have submitted your answers to our joining questionnaire you become a member of Survey Panel Platform. This Agreement is a contract for the provision of services and nothing in this Agreement shall create or be deemed to create a legal partnership or the relationship of agent and principal or the relationship of employer and employee between you and the Company.

Purpose – Data & Information collection upon downloading metering software a. Meter records and collects from your mobile phone, data, including but not limited to

Device IMEI

Operating system

Device model

Apps installed

Apps used

Websites visited

Number of calls / messages made or received

User agent (name of app making the request)

Referring site (site you visited before coming to our site)

Date and time of visit

All http requests from the device which will include URL of pages visited

In this process, we may also collect some information about the content that was accessed including media viewed, images downloaded or viewed, display advertisements etc

Size of data consumed by each request etc